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For most of us, buying a house is the biggest investment of our lifetime. We buy a house, and the house becomes a home, not only a shelter but a place where you raise kids, entertain friends, or maybe a home for you is a sanctuary and place of peace and quiet. This makes a home not only your biggest investment but also one of your most important investments. And that’s why having the right insurance matters.  

Homeowners insurance provides coverage for dwelling, detached (other) structures, personal property, personal liability, medical payments, and loss of use. Important endorsements include guaranteed replacement cost both dwelling and personal property, water back up of sewers and drains, personal injury protection.

According to a 2011 J.D. Power, survey nearly 20% homeowners does not have enough insurance. At Green Insurance Agency we find that number is even greater. Most often we can improve your coverage and reduce your homeowners premium, or at least keep it the same.

For more information regarding homeowners insurance, relation between limits, deductibles and special endorsements, please visit our FAQ page. For the most complete and tailored explanations please contact us.