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Your smaller, less valuable watercraft can be added on your homeowners policy, however for the most comprehensive coverage and the peace of mind watercraft should be insured on a special watercraft policy. Your rate is based on value, length, total horsepower, max. speed, amongst few other factors.

Watercraft insurance can feature the following coverages:
  total loss replacement- your watercraft will be replaced with a brand new one of similar make and quality
Replacement sot fishing equipment
Replacement cost personal effects-coverage for your personal items, including cameras, clothes, cell phones etc.
24-hour Roadside Assistance- covers trailers and tow vehicle
Emergency Towing and Labor- provides on-water towing service
Wreckage Removal Coverage
Property Damage Liability-includes coverage for fuel spill cleanup
Medical Payments-includes coverage for water-skiers

For more information on watercraft insurance please contact us.