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Thanks for your interest in Green Insurance Agency.

My name is Irfan (pronounced ear fun) Sehic. I started Green Insurance Agency in 2011. Before going out on my own, I worked as an insurance agent mostly in Central Vermont and Northern Vermont.

Two weeks before I graduated from Norwich University in 2006 I had no idea what I wanted to do, but then I got lucky when some trustees came and talked to us seniors about the future. There was this particularly eager gentleman who wanted to help, so I cornered him and bugged him a little. I told him how I have no idea what I want to do, and after going back and forth for a while, he said sales. I thought he was joking; my accent was thicker than now, and the last thing I wanted to do is be judged by strangers. No, it's fine, it's about meeting new people, helping them out, you will be good at it. So I got out of school and got a job in insurance sales, and the guy was right, it was a good fit! But soon I realized that being an insurance professional is not about sales. I am an insurance professional. You want to be covered, but do not want to overpay. My job as an insurance professional is to find the coverage you need at the best possible price.

Blah blah blah who cares? How can I help you, potential client? Here is how. My business model is simple. I keep my overhead low by only having a home office. I won't ever have more than 500 clients, so every client gets more than adequate attention (annual reviews, prompt service, etc. compare this to a typical insurance agent that services 1,500-3,000 clients). I don't go on hikes to ensure that I am always in the service area, I do not take vacations, and I do not celebrate major holidays. My phone is always on, and I will answer your call or call you back within 30 minutes. This customer service is impossible to beat. I have access to many different carriers, and in most cases, I can tell within minutes of talking to you whether I can help you or not. All my clients are my clients only because I can save them money and improve coverage. If you work with me, I will explain unknown unknowns to you and show you simply how I am getting the best price for you. I also spend more than 300 hundred hours a year on continuing education. As far as emotions go, I got not use for pride, but I am extremely proud of what I do as far as my customer service goes and the fact that I have successfully kept it up for over five years.

This business model would not be possible without SIAA. SIAA is an alliance of over 6,500 independent insurance agents, and we have access to many carriers and every insurance resource available. Without SIAA Green Insurance Agency would just be a small business with limited access to companies and no access to real resources. With SIAA Green Insurance Agency has access to a lot of companies and access to every resource possible. With SIAA Green Insurance Agency is a small local and independent insurance office but with power and resources of the biggest agencies.

Thanks for reading.  If you would like more information please call me at 802-505-1054 or email at
Left to right: Irfan, William, Dragana.